Introducing Metawell, a groundbreaking new brand for the Gharieni Group.

For Immediate Release

The Gharieni Group signals a new era in Wellness through its major

rebranding initiative.

After more than 30 years as the Gharieni brand, a name synonymous with the highest quality and innovation in spa and wellness equipment, the Gharieni Group has positioned itself to continue its expansion through new product segmentation by launching Metawell, a new brand that will exclusively identify and communicate its Mind/Body Wellness Technologies offering in the global market. Metawell represents the final phase in a re-structuring that the group has been undergoing to implement a new market segmentation strategy – one that aligns with the developing needs of the Wellness consumer, and provider. This launch will see a new position for the Gharieni brand, as a legacy Spa and Wellness equipment supplier, under the umbrella of the Gharieni Group, featuring a new group corporate logo. Metawell was born out of the need to provide a new product/services hybrid in the Mind/Body or Touchless wellness arena and aligns with the message of innovation that is such an integral part of the group’s DNA. It communicates the collection of experience beds, loungers and equipment that deliver the integration of traditional modalities such as sound, vibration, light and water, harnessed by the power of the latest technology, with ease and efficacy for 21st century Wellness experience. This rebranding is significant for the industry as a whole and solidifies the new role that technology plays in all sectors of our society, specifically providing leadership on how we will develop this area for business owners and the consumer. It clarifies, aligns, and educates on Mind/Body technologies and how the sector’s importance will continue to grow in all things Wellness. As the sector grows and moves forward the brand stands for information, education, experience delivery and the best way to see the role of technologies in the Wellness space and Wellness lifestyle for consumers.


One Organization, 3 Brands

During this transitional period, the new communications strategy will be applied across all internal and external visual representations for each brand. The Gharieni Group’s headquarters in Moers, Germany, willserve as the umbrella organization for all three brands: Gharieni, Bentlon and Metawell.In addition to repositioning the Gharieni Brand and launching Metawell, the Group has integrated the Dutchbrand Bentlon into its portfolio rebranding. Acquired recently, Bentlon caters to a younger, contemporarycustomer base, specializing in serving a new generation of small spa and salon operators. These operatorsrepresent a fresh wave of business ownership, focusing on midmarket products with vibrant and engagingbranding. Each brand will maintain its own website, linked to the Gharieni Group’s main site, while alloperational aspects will remain unchanged. Sammy Gharieni, the Group’s Founder and CEO, announces,“After more than 30 years of pioneering in the industry, I am so excited to announce this new direction forour company, and for our industry. We have seen the need to lead in this sector given that there is still muchconfusion, lack of clarity, and gaps in knowledge on how to best create value for consumers and businessowners using Mind/Body Wellness Technologies. We see a tremendous opportunity to deepen ourthought leadership in this sector and create new possibilities for industry collaborations. Metawell hasbeen conceived for bringing a platform to this area and we look forward to engaging with other innovativebrands where we can create a lot of added value by working together. We are looking forward to this newera in Wellness, and to continuing to expand the market, future-focused, outside-the-box and packed withvalue for all stakeholders.

About Metawell

Our origin story. Innovation is the DNA of Metawell – a natural progression from our foundingorganization’s legendary, and now, legacy brand, Gharieni. Known for its industry trailblazing and marketleadership in creating Spa and Wellness equipment conceived for the maximum comfort of the guest andthe support to practitioners to deliver on the ultimate wellbeing experience. This comfort has been built-into integrate and maximize technological innovation, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing, togetherwith the aesthetic and functionality needed for the supreme wellness guest journey. Metawell was born outof the need to support the Wellness seeker to bioharmonize-a concept that goes beyond biohackingin response to modern lifestyle needs. It is about the translation of the latest science with the artfulapplication of this knowledge of Technology, to combine the age-old methods of the healing arts into thezeitgeist of today’s needs, for delivery of memorable experiences