Gharieni Group Unveils the MLR Transform, Revolutionizing the Spa Experience

Gharieni Group, a renowned leader in spa and wellness innovation, proudly announces the launch of the ‘MLR Transform’ – a trailblazing addition to their luxury spa equipment line. This multifunctional spa table seamlessly transitions from a bed that lies flat on the floor to a conventional elevated spa table. This versatility ensures maximum utilization of space in the treatment room, providing clients with an unparalleled level of luxury and a seamless treatment experience.

The MLR Transform stands out with its sleek lines and sophisticated aesthetics. Its design resonates with the essence of luxury, complementing the ambiance of the most exclusive spas worldwide. Notably, the Dior Spa Cheval Blanc Paris in France has become the first spa to incorporate the MLR Transform, setting a precedent in the fusion of spa luxury and innovative functionality.

The genius of the MLR Transform lies in its adaptive capability. Lying completely flat on the floor, it extends to reach a span of 120cm, and is ideal for ground-level treatments such as Thai or Shiatsu massages. Within moments, it transforms into a standard 80cm-wide spa table, adaptable for a variety of treatments from massages to facials.

The MLR Transform is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a catalyst for change in the spa industry. It eliminates the constraints of traditional spa setups, allowing for a more dynamic and versatile treatment room, cutting down costs and elevating the treatment experience.

Sammy Gharieni, Founder & CEO of Gharieni Group, stated “The MLR Transform is a real game-changer for the treatment room. It is the first ever Thai mattress that seamlessly turns into a multifunctional spa bed. You can find the world’s first in Paris at the Dior Spa Cheval Blanc.

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