Introducing a Groundbreaking Partnership: Gharieni Group and Yon-Ka Paris: Redefining Wellness through Innovative Synergy

Partnership of beauty and technology. Every sensation – ELEVATED

In an outstanding collaboration, Gharieni Group, a renowned leader in cutting-edge spa and wellness technologies, has joined forces with Yon-Ka Paris, a leading Holistic Phyto-aromatic skincare brand. Together, they are poised to revolutionize the landscape of well-being, introducing a new era of multi-sensorial, technology-powered, and results-driven experiences for the skin, mind, and body.

As two prominent entities in the wellness industry, Yon-Ka Paris and Gharieni Group bring together a wealth of expertise and innovation, uniting the finesse of French skincare with state-of-the-art German-made spa and wellness technology beds.

A dedicated showroom is currently being established at Yon-Ka’s distribution, training, and office center in Rockaway, NJ. The showroom will showcase Gharieni’s cutting-edge technology beds, to invite potential clients and press for first hand equipment experiences.

Furthermore, Gharieni have equipped Yon-Ka’s training center with an array of their treatment beds and equipment. To further enhance their service, Gharieni will maintain a substantial inventory in Yon-Ka’s distribution and warehouse center.

This partnership is set to propel the industry to unprecedented heights by seamlessly blending the art of holistic wellness with cutting-edge technology, offering a well-being experience like never before.

Sammy Gharieni, Founder & CEO of Gharieni Group, stated “I’m excited to share our collaboration with Yon-Ka Paris. By blending Yon-Ka’s expertise in holistic skincare with Gharieni’s innovative mind/body wellness technologies, we’re setting new standards in the wellness industry, where beauty and technology converge to elevate every sensation and truly transform the wellness experience.

Antoine, CEO of Yon-Ka Paris, stated, “We are embarking on a new era in wellness, where the journey goes far beyond skin deep. Together with Gharieni, we aspire to shape the future of well-being through multi-sensorial, technology-powered, and results-driven experiences. This partnership will symbolize the fusion of science and holistic expertise.”