RLX Satori Wellness Lounger Wins at the 2023 Readers Choice Awards

Gharieni’s RLX Satori Wellness Lounger has been crowned Best Treatment Table/Equipment at the Wellspa360 Magazine’s 2023 Reader’s Choice Awards. This award recognizes the Lounger’s remarkable natural vibrational and binaural sound treatment, meticulously designed to harmonize both body and mind.

The RLX Satori is a powerful tool for rewiring neural pathways and cultivating healthy behaviors. Backed by clinical evidence, the wellness lounger offers a positive impact on mood, aiding those recovering from stress, anxiety, sleep issues, and addictions, while also providing a sense of serenity for everyday life.

A distinctive feature of RLX Satori is its ability to deliver effective treatment using a non-invasive approach. It delivers consistent positive outcomes without the need for a therapist, any medications or supplements. Through proprietary technology, it releases specific vibrational frequencies that resonate throughout the body. Coupled with special binaural sounds, music or guided meditation, it guides the brainwaves into relaxation, meditation, sleep or peak focus state, depending on the chosen program.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to WellSpa 360 and all our supporters for choosing the RLX Satori Wellness Lounger as the 2023 Best Treatment Table.